Stories have always been powerful healers and teachers. In wondrous tales of maidens and dragons, wizards and kings, heroes and fools, we somehow see ourselves. Ever wanted to be a princess or a knight? I know I did, and often still do. This is one way to get it out of my system.

Where I’m coming from is not so interesting, where I’m going no one knows. I like stories and I like tarot. Some of the stories here were written for fun, exploring the symbolism of the cards. Others were written for specific people who needed to hear them. Some just came into being of their own accord. One of them was maybe written for you?

Perhaps you’d like a different perspective on something that’s on your mind. To claim your story write to sylalisar squigglythingy gmail roundthingy com. I will not ask for money.

Thank you for visiting,



1 Comment

  1. Madame Seaqueen said,

    Hello Sylal,
    Your stories carry me away to a place that feels like a breath of fresh air blowing into my imagination. Thank you. Madame Seaqueen.

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