The Queen’s Heart

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The air was cold and crisp, the night sky sparkled and burst into lightning with the excess energy discharged occasionally by the frustrated dragon. She beat her wings with force, dislodging air with a vengeance, but it didn’t really make her feel any better. She looked down on Sister Island and the group of female dragons that rested there. They were gossiping and cackling, the sound of their malice reaching up to taunt and torture her. They had seen her, she knew. She was the target of their spite quite often, one of their favourite subjects. ‘Stupid lizards’, she hissed. A little plume of smoke accompanied the statement. She kept flying, venting her anger and pain. She closed her eyes and navigated by instinct, feeling the differences in temperature, playing with the little variations in pressure. ‘None of you slithering serpents can do that‘, she thought to herself and laughed out loud, savouring her little victory.

The air had turned thick with moisture, she realised and opened her eyes. A soft mist was rising from the Sacred Lake. The gentle song of the waterfalls and the happy calls of the frogs filled her ears and it was like balsam for her soul. But at the same time she felt distinctly uncomfortable, like she always did when she came so close to the heart of the Realm. She was startled when she felt the Queen’s call in her head. Slowly and gracefully she approached the Lake. The Queen was waiting for her.

‘You have grown, Child.’ Her voice was sweet and gentle, singing in harmony with the symphony of the waters whispering all around them. ‘The waters told me it is time, I have been expecting you’. The young dragon was confused by this, what did the Queen mean? She didn’t know she was coming here herself, how could the other know? And how did she speak inside her head? She had never heard of anything like this before! ‘You have something to tell me?’ asked the Queen.

‘My Queen…’ she began, uncertain how to continue. But then all her frustration, her anger, her pride flared up and fuelled her with determination. ‘My Queen, I do not mean to be disrespectful. I mean, you are very kind and our home is beautiful and haunting. I enjoy life, sometimes I am at peace and just flow with the waters and the winds. But I am not really happy here. I do not feel like I belong. The other maidens don’t like me, when they mock me my anger blinds me and I treat them badly and I attack them with claws and hot insults. The long nights depress me, the mist dulls my skin and the Moon drives me mad! What is wrong with me?’

The Queen’s silvery laugh echoed on the hills. ‘Child, there is nothing wrong with you. It is time for you to receive your Name and know your self. I know it has been hard for you. Of all the Queens, your training is the most difficult. I was the lucky one, but my husband the King has told me all about his own years of training and I have some understanding of what you’re going through. Are you ready for this?’ The Queen paused and looked deeply into the young one’s eyes. She saw bewilderment mixed with hope. ‘My Name? I get my Name? Queen? What…’, her thoughts leaped and danced around, none of this made any sense, but she was excited. The Queen looked deeper, penetrating all veils that concealed her soul. She seemed satisfied with what she found and continued. ‘Your Name is Farsilian. Say it’.

Farsilian.’ The word grew and echoed in strange ways, vibrations flowed through her, awakening new and mysterious sensations. She felt power rush down her tail and out of her wings, her head filled with strange whispers. ‘Look into my eyes, Sister, and know your heritage’, said Waylan. ‘Waylan? Where did that come from? It’s the Queen’s name… But how do I know that?’, she thought, more confused than ever. ‘Look into my eyes now and all will be revealed, including this’, she felt the Queen’s voice in her head. She sounded amused. Farsilian looked into the other dragon’s eyes and the world disappeared.

A whirlwind of images and sounds overwhelmed her consciousness and she lost track of time as her destiny unfolded and her true identity started to become clear. Like a dream half-forgotten, ancient knowledge was awakening inside her. She learned (remembered?) about the Four Realms, their rulers, their special skills and traits. She understood how they all had to train and know their hearts before taking up their positions and she reflected on her own experience. One image dominated all others though, of a place hot and dry filled with golden sand and fiery mountains, the brilliant light of a great Sun dominating everything. Her heart filled with joy. She knew, that’s where she really belonged and she yearned to be there, she burned with an intense desire. Abruptly, she found herself back next to the Lake.

‘So now you know, Sister.’ Waylan smiled. ‘It is time for you to go home. We’ll still be able to talk in our thoughts when you’re there. All Queens can. You’ll hear from the others when the time is right. You are taking a bit of Water with you in your heart, it will always be there. Don’t forget that and don’t deny it, it is a part of you. You are Fire’s connection to this Realm and it is of great importance to keep it alive. This is the secret of our Realms, we carry a bit of each other in our hearts. If it fails, our balance will be destroyed. Now go.’ With these words Waylan spread her wings and the movement created a strange bubbling whirpool out of thin air.

Farsilian hesitated only a moment, enough to thank the Queen, and then she was through. Waylan was left alone with her waters and her frogs. She smiled. It was about time there was a Fire Queen again. That land was getting a bit too dry for her taste and their King was getting restless. She chuckled to herself when she imagined that meeting. The young Queen was in for quite a ride…

Images from the US Games Dragon Tarot



  1. madame seaqueen said,

    Wonderful story.
    Luv your writing.

  2. Triteness said,

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Triteness.

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