Darzul’s Quest

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Our story starts with a lonely dragon. He sat alone in the winter forest and stared inconsolable into the pool. His own reflection stared back, his magic lazily making sparkles at the edge of the pool. ‘What am I to do? I feel so bored!’ he thought, and pondered and then pondered some more. Darzul was a young dragon, and if his magic was strong, he wasn’t yet very wise in the ways of the world. ‘I need to go on a quest or something. Just by sitting here nothing fun is ever going to happen. And I need to gain experience, learn something, do something impressive even. Or at least useful.’ Dragons weren’t famed for their ethics, although we have to say here that they were rather misunderstood on that point. They didn’t have the sense of good and evil, like some other races, and embraced the world unquestionably with all it’s shades of colour, including some that only they could see. They were driven by their own needs and wishes and answered to no one but their own selves. Still, their inborn sense of balance meant that while most of them weren’t what you and I would call nice, they weren’t wholly insufferable either.

Darzul finally took off, leaving the dark forest behind. He flew high and low, for a day and a night, always heading south. He could feel something tugging at him, something strange and alluring, a sense of excitement growing in his belly. When the sun was dipping low in the sky at the end of the second day he knew he had reached his destination. He was in an endless seeming empty plane, no trees or flowers anywhere in sight, only some low bushes and wild grasses. Incongruously, a bunch of torches were burning near some rocks. He wondered briefly who had lit the torches, as no one seemed to be around. He approached.

A single red ruby was hovering in the thin air, a little distance above the ground. It was huge and glimmering, slowly revolving and emitting a strange humming sound. He felt the ruby’s song and his heart leaped with excitement. He knew the ruby had called him there. He spoke. ‘Who are you? What is this place? Why have you called me here?’ He half-expected the ruby to answer, it felt so intelligent, so alive. Instead, the jewel started to glow and projected two rays of light upwards, forming a large V. ‘Look inside’, he felt the words in his mind. An image was starting to form.

He saw a place that seemed familiar and soon realised it was his home, the winter forest from whence he had come. A vast amount of energy was swirling in the centre of the image, which cleared to reveal a majestic dragon hard at work. He could not tell what the dragon was making, but he knew it was something wonderful and unique. He peered hard into the haze, trying to make out what the work was, but not matter how hard he tried he could not see. The image glimmered and slowly vanished, leaving him alone with the ruby.

‘What was this? Who was this amazing dragon? What was he making? Please, I need to know, I need to see!’, he begged of the ruby. ‘You know who the dragon is’, the answer formed in his mind. ‘I cannot tell you what his work is. I can only tell you this. You will accomplish nothing if you keep flying this way and that, drifting aimlessly like a child. You have great strength and magic in you. Will you squander it on the winds?’ Darzul suddenly found himself alone on the desolate plane. The torches were gone and so was the ruby. He thought he understood.

He took to the skies again, his mind deeply engaged in thought, a single purpose driving him for the first time. He knew he had to go back home. He understood now, there was no point in seeking random quests. He needed to find his own unique work. He didn’t know what it was, but the ruby was right. He was not a child any more.

Images from the US Games Dragon Tarot


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