The Throne

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BG 9 of wandsOnce upon a time there was a guard. He was a careless guard and very lazy. He would often spend his time on watch dreaming with eyes open, his miserable narrow fantasy filling with images of taverns and tavern wenches, and the filthy things we wanted to do to them. Many a wench had suffered in his hands and they all now avoided him in the village by the castle. But that was not the worst. He would so be engrossed in his little fantasies that he barely took note of what happened around him. Lovers would sneak out on his watch to meet in the forest. Thieves could slip by him silently in the night, creeping into the lower levels of the castle. But that was not the worst either.

On some nights there were other things out loose on his watch. Things that knew when and how to move silently. Things you wouldn’t want to meet on your way back from a secret meeting, be it for plotting wickedness or sharing kisses. Some of the secret wanderers of the night never made it back from their wanderings.

BG King of swordsOne night the King sat upon his throne. He did not do this very often, for it was a special throne made out of bones. If you sat on the throne you eventually became part of it. Every previous master of the castle was there. His twin aunts’ sculls were next to his ears, his grandfather’s above his head. The King closed his eyes and consulted with the throne. He learned about the lazy guard and the secret meetings. He learned about the plots and the secret betrayals, the passions and lies of his people. The King sighed. It was hard being king when you could see everything. But he continued, because he knew that something more dangerous was out there. Something ancient, long asleep, seemed to have awakened. That night the King sat on the throne for a long time. When he got up he sent for his sword and armour. And his face was fearsome to behold.

BG Hanged Man

The next night the King went out alone. He returned at the breaking of dawn, his sword dark with blood, his face white like a candle. The guard was found hanging from the gate. The after dark traffic ceased for a long while after that and so did the disappearances. But that was not all. Everyone was sure something else had happened that night, something that changed the King for ever. No one ever saw him take his armour off again and he spent a long time in the throne room not wanting to be disturbed. Eventually he followed the fate of all the masters of the throne, which grew a little bigger.



BG 2 of wands

Today the castle lies in ruins. No one knows what happened to the throne, or at least they dare not tell. But they do say that if you go there at night, which is not recommended, you may one night see the figure of a guard. If that happens you should turn away and leave immediately praying for your life. Because they say that the guard’s real punishment was to stay for ever bound to the castle and warn us when the ancient evil appears again…


Images from the Magic Realist Press Bohemian Gothic Tarot


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