Dreamghost’s Song

14 December, 2007 at 2:39 am (tarot, tarot stories, universal fantasy) (, , , , , , , )

UF Ace of SwordsDreamghost awaits in it’s chamber. Tall, cool, beautiful and deadly. It listens to the whispers of the winds, bringing news in wisps of dreams as they slither round the tall chamber. ‘He’s coming’ they’re whispering. ‘He was awakened to her call…’ As the skies turn and align for the moment it’s been waiting for, Dreamghost feels it. And it waits.

UF MoonUF TowerHe is almost there. He’d been walking for days, travelling through rough country on treacherous roads, fighting the ghouls and monsters the witching men had set on his trail. They’d seen him coming in the waters of their pool and knew his purpose. They don’t want him to reach the tower, he knows, and he is expecting an interesting welcome. They wouldn’t leave anything to chance with the critical moment approaching… But now he can see the outline of the tower already, candles in its dozens of windows flickering against a sky turning blood red. The eclipse finally begins and the bone drums of the witch doctors sound the call.

UF EmperorUF DevilDreamghost is singing. It can feel him, oh so close, and that gives it strength. And as the sky turns darker and the singing louder, the wreath starts to glow and screech, but it still holds. Dreamghost knows he is fighting the demon guarding it and sends out its song to him.

Finally the sky turns black and the sword raises its song, it reaches out to the winds and meets Gaia’s dream as her sister casts her shadow on her face. ‘Set me free’, it whispers to her in her rare moment of sleep and after a moment the wreath uncoils like a snake and drops to the floor. It’s free!

UF StrengthHis shadow appears like a great eagle on the vast chamber’s wall as he walks through the door. ‘Hello Dreamghost’, he smiles. ‘I’m here to take you home. She’s waiting for us.’

Images from the Lo Scarabeo Universal Fantasy Tarot.


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