Flort and Stipp

10 November, 2007 at 2:02 am (tarot, tarot stories, universal fantasy) (, , , , , )

UF DevilDelavelflort was fuming. He was not happy. The cats just sat there and pointedly ignored him which only made it worse. They clearly blamed him for everything. The rocky cavern offered no respite either, no distraction, he could feel his thoughts bouncing back with intensity and torturing him. He fumed some more but it didn’t make him feel any better. ‘Stippel…’

‘Oh will you shut up already’, said one of the cats. He could never tell them apart, not even before the Accident.

UF 9 of swordsStippel wasn’t feeling exactly great either. She heard the heavy footsteps approaching with increasing frustration and dread. ‘Oh no, here he comes again.We’ve been stuck in this dungeon for days,need to get out of here pretty soon or I’ll loose it completely. I must retrieve my Blade from this lunatic beast.’ She had been weak at first from the shock, but she had recovered now and she’d had enough of this.

She stood up and closed her eyes, felt the blade and reached out to it. She concentrated on the flow of energies through the air, beyond the stone walls… As he entered through the door he looked up to see her tall shadow towering over him. He was still busy being surprised by that when she reached out and took the Fireblade in her hands.

UF MagicianAs the blade burst into flame and warmed her face, Stipp thought of the forest. She heard the rustle of the wind through of the leaves and the song of the river, she tasted the sweet smell of wild flowers. A dizzying sinking sensation filled her as time and space dissolved. She opened her eyes and found herself standing in front of the stone altar in her grove. But she was alone, no sign of Flort or the butterflies.

She did hope they wouldn’t retain their altered form when they came back to this dimension. The butterflies as cats would be ok, she didn’t really mind that. But Flort as a demon… And it would take days before she had the strength to do another working like that.

UF Fool‘Hey Stipp, you did it babe! I can’t believe we’re back! Have you seen Dogface yet? Oh, there he is. Hey dog, you wouldn’t believe what happened. I was turned into a purple thing! Where were you? ‘

‘His grasp of the situation is admirable as usual’, said one of the butterflies and the other one giggled. He never could tell them apart. He swatted at them playfully and turned back to the slightly sheepish looking dog. Stipp smiled and wondered again how that fool Flort managed to get her Fireblade and use it to play fetch with Dogface. What happens when a dog activates a powerful reality shifting device? Trouble is what happens. Accident, he said. Ha. The man is a walking accident.


Images from the Lo Scarabeo Universal Fantasy Tarot


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