The wine dragon’s message

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Fey 7 of CupsThe magician looked up half-excited, half-horrified, the blue and yellow shadows dancing madly all around him, intoxicating fumes and smells whirling in his head. ‘Too late to regret it now’ he thought. A quick peak at what was rising out of the big ceremonial cup and he wanted to retreat inside his tall purple hat. But no, that was not an option. ‘I must do this’, he told himself.

‘Do what?’ asked an amused deep voice.
‘Who’s there?’ The magician was almost trembling now.
‘All you have to do is look and you will see’, was the answer. So he did. A purple wine dragon was rising gracefully from the cup bubbling happily and fixing him with a powerful ruby stare.

‘So’, the dragon said. ‘You called me and I came. What now?’
The magician was sweating. ‘I don’t know! I can’t think! I’m too scared, I never expected it to work!’ He felt a bit foolish now, but actually the dragon didn’t look that scary on closer inspection and the fumes were starting to clear.
‘Ok, don’t worry, we’ll work it out together’, said the dragon. ‘My name is Darwina. And you are?’
‘I’m Merlin’, said the purple hat.
‘And I’m John’, said the man behind the hat. ‘You’re a girl?’
‘Nice to meet you both. Now, how can I help you?’
‘Errr….’, said the magician.

‘Please, let me handle this’, said the hat. ‘Darwina, nice of you to drop by, we really appreciate it. Let me explain. John here is a very inquisitive fellow. He always wants to try things out, to know more, to play around and understand. But he’s not very focussed and often acts impulsively and haphazardly. I try to help him out whenever I can, but frankly, he’s a handful. He doesn’t understand his own self and his own power. You have any ideas of how to help him out?’

‘Oh, I see.’ The dragon looked quite amused, some more bubbles escaped while she mulled this over. ‘I can take you both on a journey’, she said. ‘If you agree, of course. There is this castle I know, which hides many and wonderful secrets. Perhaps John will find what he seeks there.’

‘But I don’t know what I seek! That’s the problem!’ The magician had forgotten his fear in his indignation. ‘I’m not sure I want to go’, he whispered to the hat.
‘It’s ok if you don’t want to’, reassured him the dragon. ‘It’s merely a suggestion. Perhaps you’ll find there what it is you seek.’

His infernal curiosity was now tugging at the magician, urging him to go. ‘Oh, all right then’, he started saying. But before he had finished, the dragon was leaning forward and pulling him with her inside the cup.

Everything was spinning and lurching and being everywhere and nowhere at once. ‘Now remember’, he heard the dragon’s voice. ‘The castle is a magical place. The usual rules do not apply. Follow you heart and your hat and you will be ok. Talk to the people you’ll meet, but don’t believe everything they say. I am sure you will find that which you seek if you’re determined and brave.’

Fey HermitThe magician realised with some relief that his feet were on solid ground once again. The air was cold and strange sounds filled his ears. But he couldn’t see anything. He started to panic again briefly, but the hat said: ‘Why don’t you light the lamp?’

‘How do I do that? What lamp?’ said the confused magician.

‘Just say, Let There Be Light’, said the hat with a tone of resignation in its voice.

‘Let There Be Light!’ said the magician. And he realised he was holding a lamp in his hand, a lamp in fact his grandmother used to have when he was a child.

He was standing on a stone stairway in a stone castle. There were stairs everywhere in weird and impossible angles, and wooden ladders, and many creatures and things besides.

‘Don’t be overwhelmed’, said the hat. ‘The castle will try to confuse you.’

‘Hahahaha’, boomed a laughing voice. ‘So I will, so I will, my little friend. Welcome to House Doom!’

‘Don’t mind them’, said a little voice. ‘They like to play with words and change mood all the time. Mood – Doom, get it? They actually love visitors, no one has been down here for a long long time. It gets a bit boring, they feel neglected and turn up some foul moods.’

Startled the magician looked around to locate the source of the voice. A little brown furry creature with bright eyes was standing on the step below him.

‘Oh’, he said eloquently. ‘And who’s they?’

‘Why, the castle and everything in it, of course! You should know that already!’

Indeed he did know that, he realised with some surprise. Strangely, he felt at home. Like he’d been here before…

‘I’m searching for the thing I seek’, he told the creature. ‘Have you seen it by any chance or know what it looks like?’

‘Hmm, not really. But that fellow there might.’

The magician then saw a weird orange bunny-like creature. ‘Uhm, hello’, he said.

‘Greetings to you, oh mighty wizard of the light!’ said the orange creature.

He looked closer. The creature was blind. Well, that explains it, he thought. I’m no mighty wizard, but a blundering fool.

‘You are wrong’, admonished the creature. ‘My sight is deep and true. Ask your hat and it will tell you. Hello Merlin, old friend, you haven’t been around here for a while…’

‘Hi there Mojo’, said the hat. ‘Got any info for John here? We’re just visiting, but hopefully we won’t be strangers now that John has found the way.’
‘Ask the Book, it’s all in there’, said Mojo. ‘Beware of the salamander.’
The ladder leading to the Book was old and rickety and broken and standing at a very weird angle and didn’t look safe at all. The salamander was lurking behind an old piano nearby, that piano looked very familiar too.
‘There’s nothing to it’, thought John with force. ‘I must reach the Book. I must learn what it is I seek and, once I know, where to find it!’ He blinked.

The Book was hovering in front of him.
‘Hello’, a voice said inside his head. ‘You are ready. I have been waiting for you to ask. So ask.’
‘What do I seek?’ asked John.
‘Don’t you know?’ answered the Book.
‘Hey, that’s cheating!’ protested the magician.
‘Let me put it this way’, said the Book. ‘Do you know where you are?’
‘Yes. In the House of Mood.’ He was proud to know something for a change.
‘Correct. And where is that?’ continued the Book.
‘Errrr….’ said John.
‘Let me give you a hint. It’s in the Belly of your Mind’, proclaimed the Book.

John thought about that for a bit. ‘So… what I seek is in myself… At least now I know where to find it, even if I don’t know what it is. But I still want to know what it is! Please tell me Book!’
‘I cannot tell you’, said the Book. ‘But if you look inside my pages you’ll see.’ And the Book fluttered open.

All of a sudden the magician was afraid to look.
‘Go on’, said Merlin the hat. ‘What are you waiting for? Here’s your chance!’

‘But I’m scared, I’m not ready, what if it’s something horrible, what if it’s stupid or fake or unworthy!’ wailed and cried John. ‘And if I find it what am I to do next? This has been my purpose for so long! I’ll be lost without it! My life will be empty! I’ll be a failure and a fraud!’
‘Now now’, said Merlin the hat. ‘Remember what Darwina the dragon said. You need to be brave. Look inside your heart. What is it that you want?’

John the magician took a deep breath. And he looked inside the Book. And what he saw was an image of a great wizard, beautiful and surrounded by light. Something in his face seemed familiar… And he realised with a start he was looking inside his own heart. And the wizard was himself.


Images from the Lo Scarabeo Fey Tarot


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