Starlily’s Descent into the World

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UF StarStarlily was a beautiful and kind maiden of the star people. She lived in her star in the skies and shone her light upon the worlds. But she was young and restless and sometimes felt very lonely, so she decided to go down onto a planet to learn of earthbound life and talk with the trees and the birds and the people who lived there. There were two tribes of people living on the peninsula where she landed, the stone people and the flower people. The stone people were big in stature, but very gentle and dreamy, they loved the winds and the sea and the open vistas and they built their homes into the living rock at the craggy hills near the sea. The flower people were tiny in size and they lived in the thick undergrowth of the forest, rich in smells and lush flowers, under which they found shelter and thought of as their homes. They were joyful and bright and loved the earth and colourful things. The two tribes lived in harmony with each other and the world for as long as the oldest tree in the forest could remember, which is to say for a long long long time.

UF 5 of swordsUF Knight of PentaclesBut one day, one of the young men of the flower people called Red, found a wondrous object while out on one of his frequent wanderings riding his faithful squirrel. It was a powerful magical talisman made of pure gold. Like Starlily, he was restless and wanted more out of life, so he thought this was surely a sign. Now Red was not a bad person, but he was a bit prideful and rash and always thought it mightily unfair that his people should be so small and their neighbours so big. So he spoke passionate and convincing words and filled his people’s heads with images of splendour and glory and told them they should be the ones ‘ruling the earth’, not their clumsy and melancholic neighbours. Then he used the talisman to make them all big. But they immediately realised they could not be happy like this, they missed the protective flowers above their heads, their mounds the squirrels, and the herbs they traditionally ate were now too small and could not sustain them in this size. So Red used the talisman again to make everything in their natural habitat bigger! But there was not enough room. And the monstrous jungle grew bigger and bigger, swallowing the trees and the bushes and driving the frightened animals away. And it still grew and it got out of control and Red could not stop it. And it reached the rocky plains of the stone people and threatened their homes. They were scared and sad to see their wide airy home being swallowed by this jungle and they cried and they lamented and they prayed for help.

UF Queen of SwordsUF King of CupsOur girl, the Starlily, was on the beach at the time, feeling the wind on her face and thinking about the mysteries of life and the order of the world. She heard the cries of the stone people and ran to their aid. ’Oh beautiful star maiden’, they cried, ‘you’re big and strong and brave, won’t you lead us into battle against the evil flower people?’ She was much upset by this, because she was peaceful and loving by nature and didn’t want to hurt a single soul. ‘I cannot do the thing you ask’, she told them. ’But I want to help you and will try to think of a solution’. So back down the beach she ran to wash the jungle mud out of her hair and clear her mind. She was lost in thought and not knowing at all what to do when she heard a deep powerful rumbling sound and looked up to see the Master of the Ocean, riding his beautiful and proud sea serpent and coming her way. She shared the problem with him and explained her unwillingness to use her own enormous strength to do harm. UF Ace of PentaclesThe ocean lord laughed and said: ’Why don’t you carry the stone people to a new place to build their homes?’ ‘But the jungle keeps growing’, she said, ‘and it will take over the whole world!’ He laughed his deep watery laugh again and said ‘Don’t you worry about that!’ So Starlily took the stone people away to a new place, carried in a big flying ship and fuelled with the power of her star. She helped them build new homes on a beach near a plain wider and airier the old one and their homes were even more beautiful than before and the stone people were happy and sang their songs in the wind.

Meanwhile, the Master of the ocean gathered up the waters around him and he built a big strong wave that broke the land and separated the peninsula and turned the jungle into an island so it could spread no more. The flower people were starting to realise their foolishness by now and felt pretty uncomfortable and rather ashamed to have disturbed the balance of their world and to have caused such trouble to their neighbours. So the talisman they could not control they gave to the ocean lord and cried and begged him to make them small again. ‘I was wondering were this little trinket had gone…’ mumbled the lord to himself. So he made them small again. But the forest was gone and the animals and birds had fled the island. ‘I should leave you like this to learn how to live with the consequences of your rash actions!’ he told them sternly. But he shouldn’t have misplaced such an item, he thought to himself. He did actually feel a bit responsible even though he wouldn’t le the silly flower people know that! So he eventually brought back the forest, but left them isolated for a long while longer, until they had learned their lesson.

Starlily watched this exchange with great interest and with her keen ears heard the lord’s comment to himself. She thought long and hard about everything she experienced on the planet and realised that strength and power are not the same thing and that both should be used wisely. She also learned about the beauty of natural balance and why it’s important to be happy with your place in this world. She thanked the ocean lord, waved goodbye to the flower people and the stone people, the trees and the birds and all the earthbound creatures she had come to know and love and she took her star back into the skies to shine her love and light into the expanses of space and bring warmth and life to the worlds, happy to have gained wisdom and have found peace with her own place in the universe.


Images from the Lo Scarabeo Universal Fantasy Tarot


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